also we are buying this wine i dont care if its shit
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yeah ok john wasnt lying our shopping trips are just him pushing me in the shopping cart while i use my phone
he does all the actual shopping i just yell at him to buy cheetos and apple juice

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shout out to my bro john egbert

happy birthday dude i love you

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i know you check this like every five minutes so i just wanted to tell you i bought ice cream.

please do me a favor and don’t eat it all! i know you’re a human vacuum to all things junk food but i’d like to have some too.

whoops do you mean the icecream I just finished

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egbert has too many classes

i wanted to grab lunch

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ok i guess maybe i should make my own intro post that isnt totally piggybacking off johns so

hi im dave strider

im a currently a ripe twenty years young and am living with my roommate john ‘pooplord’ egbert 

i dj occasionally and enjoy a good book and long walks on the beach

this will be a blog of our adventures through school and roommatedom

or ‘shenanigans’ as john would probably say

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in which i try to blog: store adventures!!!


oh my gosh, guess who has a paper to write and in the middle of it realized he had no ink in the printer!? if you guessed meeeeeeee you would be sadly right. :/ 

so i rushed to the store and on the way there i saw this blue volkswagen and it had eye lashes on it!? i’m really sad i didn’t get a picture of it. i admittedly texted dave of course and told him and he was like, lol i was just talking about those with my artsy buds, what a coinkidink. 

also wow, ink costs a lot of money!? i know i got a jumbo pack but geesh im kinda broke for the week now. i won’t be able to rent a movie this weekend… 

oh and i went to five guys blowjobs and fries and there was this dude in line that reminded me of my dad’s pal fedorafreak (actually his name is freddie but he always wore a fedora so) and i creepily took a picture of the back of his head. 

he had an extremely crappy car though. i mean he looks pretty fancy but it looks like that thing was repeatedly hit with a metal bar. the front had to be tide down…  

also i got this for dave, i think he’ll appreciate it…

damn i thought we had ink thank you for picking some up

also i do not say coinkidink what the hell dude way to impersonate me and fail big time

and you dont need to rent a movie you own conair on dvd remember

just watch that again

and thank you for the lip gunk i will be sure to apply it liberally before our next makeout session

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auh, i’m sorry dave! i’ve never really blogged before, i mean we can’t all be blogging gods like you. please note that what was just said was sarcasm in case you didn’t get that.  

yes everyone, me and dave are madly in homolove, we’re so domestic it’s kinda gross! and you’re totally the bride in this situation dave! what have you done to earn the right to wear the pants in this relationship? lol 

and also it’s totally your turn to get the pizza, i got it last time and you ate like 3/4ths of it you pig! 

hey what why is there sarcasm in there i am actually a blogging god dude dont kid yourself

but yes we are absolutely domesticly nasty and i wear the pants because shut up

shut up is why